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We help all Continuing Anglican Churches with church growth and planting. We work for Jesus Christ, not a Juridiction.

Is Your Church Growing?

I ask that question at the opening segment of all Shamrock's Church Growth Schools. Simple question. Some might answer yes, so I ask, were they a new Christian or did they come from another church. Sheep swapping is not church growth.

We are commanded to follow the Great Commision - "Go then to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples: Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you." He didn't say: go and swap my sheep around. We are all memebers of the Universal Church! We are commanded to make disciples!

Does your church have a process for bring people into your church and for growing them in the faith? Does everyone know that process?  Are you making disciples?

That what we are here for, helping you grow!

"The Irish Way"

What made St. Patrick, the Celtic Movement, so succesful in converting Ireland to Christianity? Here is the one attribute that made Patrick so successful. He understood the people and their language, their issues, and their ways. This serves as the most strategically significant single insight for us,  it was able to drive the wider expansion of Celtic Christianity. It stands as perhaps our greatest single lesson from this movement. There is no shortcut to understanding the people!

If your not growing, are you really connecting to the people in your church and community?

God blessed Patrick's efforts! He sent out missionaries and when the people responded in faith, then they built a church. Indeed, the main goal of the mission to each settlement was to plant a church.

Patrick's mission planted about 700 churches, and ordained perhaps 1000 priests. In his 28 years mission in Ireland. Within his lifetime, 30 to 40 of Ireland's 150 tribes became substantially Christian. After his death Celtic Christainity took off even faster.

Church growth boils down to one main thing, evangelism and that is more than just telling someone about Jesus Christ, it is about showing someone Jesus Christ. Telling people about Jesus Christ is part of the equation, but the evangelizing that most of us can do, is showing people Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is just that, showing people Jesus Christ. Its the way we live our lives, the activities we do, the way we act and our love for Jesus Christ.

Patrick had a great model for reaching people: (1) “You first establish community with people, or bring them into the fellowship of your community of faith.” To simplify this, we become friends with people that are non believers. Then I start asking them to hang out with me and some of my Christian friends. (2) “Within the fellowship, you engage in conversation, ministry, prayer, and worship” Simply, you invite someone to a small group, or a church fun activity, or to church on Sunday. Then fellow believers help engaging them in church life and become friends. And last (3) In time, as they discover that they now believe, you invite them commit.

This Celtic model of evangelizing draws people to personal growth in Jesus through two things: (1) You participated in common life, meals, work, learning, biblical recitation, prayers, and worship of the whole community, and (2) Through your small group, and the community’s life, and perhaps as a soul friend, you observed and gained experience in ministry and witness to pre-Christian people.

Here is the key to growing your church, build a community of believers, commited to following 'The Irish Way". It is the cycle of a church and all successful churches follow it. We bring someone into the faith and the church, then help them grow in the faith and finally they go and bring someone into the faith. The circle is complete. 

Learn "The Irish Way" of Church Growth

There is certainly no way to go over all the things that are involved with Church Growth, especially on a web site. But helping churches grow is our main concern! Every church is going to be different in the areas they need help, so there is no cookie cutter program that can be followed.

The most extensive program we do basically covers everything, we even throw in the kitchen sink for good measure. We look at and teach on worship, music, outreach, evangelism, marketing, advertising, web design, communication, programs, small groups, meet and greet, follow up and much, much more.

We do all of this several way:

Shamrock Ministries has created many first of it kind visual tools and helping understand "The Irish Process" To view the Shamrock of church process for churches following "The Irish Way" Click Here PDF

The best to do is give us a call, so we can help set up the best program for you.  Fr. Patrick a call at 301-343-7979 or email at

Want to Plant a Church!

Ready to plant an Anglican Church! But need some help! We have everything you need to get started. With experience in planting churches and church growth, we can help you get started successfully!

Planting a Church is fun and very fulfilling, but it does require hard work and commitment. A church doesn't happen over night, but the important things is to avoid the pitfalls and headaches that many run into. Let us help you put things on the right tract from the beginning! 

We incourage those interested in planting church, go for it! That is what we are all about! Planting churches! Bring people into the Anglican Faith and a fellowship with Jesus Christ. It is about building a community of believers

We Don't Have a Priest or Do We Need One

You do not need a Priest to plant a church! In fact, lay planted and lead churches have a higher success rate. Here is the thing, in church expansion or church planting, we would never have enough clergy, so we turn to lay people to lead them. This is through a program called Lay Catechist.

Lay Catechist -Is a lay person called to lead an existing congregation or a church plant that doesn’t have a regular priest to serve. The Anglican Lay Catechist is a lay Minister for that congregation or plant charged with leading that congregation or plant in Sunday services and any other related religious classes or activities. He serves in the position of the Priest without being Holy Orders. He is basically just below a Deacon.

Can anyone be a Lay Catechist? Yes, any male that has a desire can be one. Yes there is training that goes along with, we just don't through you to the wolfs. No, you don't have to become a Priest.

We are glad in helping with Lay Catechist training and this is the way we recommended for planting chapels or churches.

What Kind of Help Can We Expect in Planting a Church

What we help with: (depending on location, some things many not apply)

Give Fr. Patrick a call at 301-343-7979 or email at

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