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Following in the Anglican Tradition, the sermons are from the Gospel reading for that Sunday. My preaching style is verse by verse. I believe it is important to break down the gospel, to understand everything Jesus is trying to teach us.

Sorry deleted all the sermons that have been listed from the past couple of years. Just listing sermons from this year.


Christmas Eve "Christmas falling on Dangerous Times"

Given at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Stevensville Md - Christmas Eve 2013

Learn about the six prophesies from the old testament about the Messiah in the Christmas Gospel Message!

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The Second Sunday in Epiphany "The Gospel of Jesus Christ"

Given at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Stevensville Md - 2014

This is a must read sermon!! Great evangelism tool! What is the Gospel Message and how do I share it.

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The Third Sunday in Lent "Ghosts"

Given at St. Columba's Warrenton Va - 2013

Ever wonder what Ghost really are? Are there such things as Ghost? Read and you will find out

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The Fourth Sunday in Lent "The Spiritual Food of Christ"

Given at St. Columba's Warrenton Va - 2013

Are you being feed with the Spiritual Food of Jesus Christ? Are you feeding others the Spirtual Food of Jesus Christ? We are all the table servants of Jesus Christ!

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Quinquagesima Sunday "What True Love Is"

Given at St. Stephen's, Stephenson Va - 2015

Do you want to know what true love is? Love is not a feeling, but an act. True love is sacrificing yourself for a love one, giving yourself up for them, for their happiness and well being.

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