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Retreats! Ready to Get Connected!

Our specility is Youth Retreats and Men's Retreats. Shenandoah Mountain Anglican Chapel Does Not Do Women's Retreats, we do mix retreats for small groups. Please remember, single women and men sleep in different quarters.

Our goal is to help small groups or youth groups put on a successful retreat, many group leaders have no experience in this area. These are usually the big bonding moments for groups. I have seen more kids come to Christ through a retreat, than any other method!

Mix Retreats

So many groups, so many different needs! We design a retreat around your groups needs, not some cookie cutter program we have set up. Every retreat is different, no two will every be the same!

We do follow "The Irish Way" in our retreats. The most import aspect is spending some alone time with God in meditation in some very pristine areas. I try to get some person time in with everyone in the group, trying to help them find purpose or enlightenment in their life and path.

We do honor all prayer times.

Most retreats are very rustic and monastic, trying to connect with nature as close as possible. So we are camping. No cell phones, no television, no electric, and sorry ladies no showers. Roughing it all the way. But we have done a couple with cabins and all the basic luxuries. Still NO CELL PHONES!

We can set up activites ranging from hiking to shooting! All high adventure activites are easy entergrated into the program.

Please call to talk about your groups needs, so we can design a retreat for you!

Youth Retreats

Father Patrick has been doing Youth Retreats for over ten years. His youth group was focused on small groups and high adventure. 50% of his youth group was from outside the church, wonder why!

These retreats are set up alot different than the adults. Yes, the general theme is roughing it and getting back to nature. But, of course, it doesn't have to be. Youth are not into spending quality alone time with God, so, no we don't do that. But we find connection in other ways.

First, service project. We usually spend the morning doing a service project. Cleaning and cutting in trails, building a bridge (yes we built a bridge crossing a stream), trash pick up, helping fix up a cabin, and many others (Promise, won't do the rock pick up after a flood thing again).

The afternoon is filled with a high adventure activity and sometimes it is as simple, as swimming in a crystal clear stream, miles from anywhere. If we go white water rafting or something like that, it is a whole day activity.

The evening is a bon fire with a message on the gospel.

All youth participate in setting up camp, cooking, cleaning and tear down. All retreats are youth lead. They are not pampered. Plus, you got to remember, they already know everything and can do everthing themsleves! So we let them!

Call to go over how we can help your youth group reach the next level!

Men's Retreats

"Wild at Heart" Live the adventure of a life time! That is the motto! Are we living like men? Is you group shooting, fly-fishing, white water rafting, or rock climbing? Are you getting away from the stress of daily life? Ready to cut loose?

Shenandoah Mountain Anglican Chapel is the Place to Be! We do it rough and hard!Come experience a weekend in the mountains, this is what life is all about. Camping out under the stars, setting around the campfire at night, no cares in the world. We can do cabins as well.

It seems like it is all fun and games, but it is not. We mix in a good amount of reflective time in as well. We will spend some time reflecting on God, the way it was suppose to be. In a pristine spot in the mountains or along a stream, thinking about what God wants for our lives. Listening for the voice. Also, you can get some one on one mentoring time, if you want it.

We do honor all prayer times.

We try to set up your retreat based on the study your doing at the time or what your group is looking for.

Give us a call, let's us help your group, get back to the way it was suppose to be!



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