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Can an one plant a Chapel or a Church?


What is an Evangelical Catholic?

Catholic is from the Greek - καθολικός (katholikos), meaning "universal". The word derives from the Greek phrase καθόλο (kath'holou) meaning "on the whole" or "in general" and is a combination of the Greek words κατά meaning "about" and όλος meaning "whole" or "Universal Church" CATHOLIC DOESN'T MEAN ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH!

Evangelical comes from the Greek word for "Gospel" or "Good News": ευαγγελιον (evangelion), from eu- "good" and angelion "message." In that sense, to be evangelical would mean to be a believer in the gospel, that is a believer in the message of Jesus Christ. One that spreads the Good News.

So, we believe, we are called to take the Good News to the Whole World. To every person. We are all members of the Universal Church.

From the Catholic side we follow the Faith Handed Down By The Saints of the early church and the edicts of the  early ecumenical councils.

From the Evangelical and Catholic side we follow:

What prayer book do you use?

The Shenandoah Mountain Anglican Chapel Primary prayerbook is the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. We also are fond of the American Anglican Missal, as well when dealing with the younger generation the Praybook Society's 1662 in modern English.

What bible do you use?

We use the New King James Version for all services.

Do you sing just from the hymnal?

Heck No! Just Joking! However, it depends on where we are and who are audience is. Some service do not have music and are silent. Most of our regular services due use songs out of the 1940 hymnal, many times we blend in great mountain gospel music,  and for our younger groups we use a blend of great hymns and modern praise and worship music.

Can an Anglican Brother or Sister marry or be married ?

Absolutely! We are not Roman Catholic and we are not a cloister order. We are missional, our purpose is to live a life devouted to God through prayer, spreading the Good News, and helping the needy.

Can I bring my dog to services?

Yes, we love animals, as long as it is not at a regular church, but outside.

Will you marry people from different Christian faiths?

Yes, God is not denominational!

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