Pricing on all events

Shenandoah Mountain Anglican Chapel is not about being a money making machine, we are monastic, were are not about money. The Chapel is about serving Jesus Christ. But, we have to supporting our ministries. Father Patrick in over ten years of ministry work, has never taken a dime for any work and does not take any money for services provided by the Chapel. All money's go to the Chapel and are used 100% for ministry work. No person is ever paid a dime for their works. Shenandoah Mountain Anglican Chapel Tithes as well.


Church Planting and Growth

Wow, pricing varies alot depending upon what we are doing. Small Church, strugling to make it, do not let price scare you away. We are far with everyone and ask everyone to be far with us.

Average price is $250.00 for couple hour seminar. All day church event $500.00 per day. Plus what ever travel expenses are involved.


Youth and Men's Retreats

Please call each program is designed to meet each groups needs. Please call or email for pricing. If your a small group and on a tight budget, we do work with everyone.

Average price is $250.00 to $500.00 a day depending upon activities, size, and type of group. Plus all travel expenses.


Wedding Cost

Each Wedding is unique, so please call for pricing for your special day.

Average price is $150.00 for the wedding, plus what ever travel expenses. If you can not afford it, please call, we want to help you get married by a priest.


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