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Welcome Home to the Mountain!

Welcome to a Anglican Evangelical Catholic Chapel of the Anglican Order of Saint Benedict.  We are a Anglican Benedictine Chapel.

All of our activities and ministries focus on "The Irish Way" of doing church and bringing people close to God. The Chapel is all about providing connection to God through worship in a natural setting or in a quiet solemn way and doing retreats.

Shamrock Ministry is about teaching "The Irish Way" of Church Planting / Growth and Life Coaching.

New Monesticism Ministry is about helping you to slow down thru the monistic way, this is open to everyone and many different levels of participation are available.

Feel like life is out of control?  Want to slow down? Can't seem to connect with God and hear his voice for your Life? Not sure of your purpose? Looking for real friendship and fellowship? Are you ready to make changes? This is our purpose, to help you make a connecction with God and take control of your life and where it is going!

We want to help people prepared people to live with depth, compassion, and power in mission. This is done in a five fold method:

The Irish Way!

All of this is done to root your consciousness in the Gospel and the scriptures; to help you experience the presence of the Triune God and to empower your life; to help you discover and fulfill your purpose; and to give you growth in your walk with Christ and in your life.

A big part of all of this is imaginative prayer in all settings – in solitude, with the soul friend, in the small group, in the corporate life, and in ministry with seekers. Imaginative prayer is  “simply thinking about God in concrete and vivid ways.” while you read the bible or experienceing nature. You become part of the story, you see how God is working through everyone and everything.

Where are we at?

Sorry to say the use of the land was not extended to the chapel after the 2012 season. The owners felt it was to much liability for them, with all the activities going on.We complete understand and are greatful for the three years at Shenandoah Mountain. We are looking for a new mountain property. Still doing retreats, have many options available!

But that is not what we are all about, just experiencing worship in a open air service on top of a mountain. We have always been about much more!

Shenandoah Mountain Angican Chapel has brought the mountain to the city. We are now in Northern Virginia and Maryland!! Putting on Reflective Monastic Services and Life Coaching!

Just to be clear. We believe in:

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